As a premier homebuilder in Fremont County, Accent Homes is committed to the building of quality homes. Since we take pride in the homes we build, homes built by Accent Homes include a Limited Warranty that is designed to provide our Homeowners with an industry leading coverage that provides protection for their investment as well as the “Peace of Mind Knowledge” that Accent Homes stands behind the homes we build. The following is a brief overview of Accent Homes Limited Warranty.

Accent Homes Limited Warranty

During the first year of the Limited Warranty period, Accent Homes provides (2) automatically scheduled Customer Care Appointments. During these appointments Accent Homes will review any warranty items or questions the Homeowner(s) may have for the home. Warranty items that are covered by the Limited Warranty will be repaired.

Following the first year of ownership, Accent Homes upon review and under the terms of the Limited Warranty will repair construction defects that are covered by the Limited Warranty. The Accent Homes Limited Warranty is fully transferable to subsequent purchasers of non-foreclosed Accent homes. Upon execution of a transfer form by a subsequent owner, the Limited Warranty remains in force on the home for the balance of the Warranty Period. Please contact Accent Homes for a Warranty Transfer Form.

Homeowner Maintenance

The Homeowners(s) and/or The Homeowners Association (exterior items in certain communities) are responsible for proper home maintenance. This includes being aware of and applying the recommended procedures and products for maintaining all components of your home. For your convenience, Accent Homes has provided maintenance suggestions in our Limited Warranty. If you need additional information on maintaining a product, please refer to the manufacturer maintenance recommendations for that product. Under the terms of the Limited Warranty, neglect of normal maintenance items may deprive the Homeowner or their successor of warranty coverage on the item(s) involved. Damage to the home which is a result of the Homeowner(s) or Homeowners Association negligence, abuse, misuse, or inaction must be repaired by the Homeowner(s) and/or Homeowners Association at their expense.

During the Limited Warranty Period, Accent Homes will not repair items that are the responsibility of the Homeowner or Homeowners Association to maintain. Please review The Standards of Performance before submitting a request for service.

Consumer Products and Appliance Warranties

The manufacturers of the consumer products (appliances, furnace, water heater, garage door openers, etc.) in the home will work directly with the Homeowner if any repairs are needed for these products. Consult your Homeowner’s notebook for the manuals for your individual appliances that are provided to the Homeowner(s) at the Final Walkthrough/Orientation. When you place a service request with the manufacturer, you should be prepared to provide the model and serial number of the item and the closing date on the home. Consumer product warranties with the exception of furnace and water heater are generally for (1) One Year; please refer to the literature provided by the specific manufacturer for complete information on their product warranties. By Federal law, unless they constitute a construction defect, “consumer products” are excluded from Accent Homes Limited Warranty, To ensure proper coverage by the manufacturer of the consumer product, please fill out all warranty registration cards and return them to the manufacturer.

Cosmetic Items

Since we all know damage can occur while you are moving into the home. Accent Homes will only repair damages such as scratches, nicks and tears that are listed during the Final Walkthrough/Orientation.

Automatically Scheduled Customer Care Appointments

As a convenience to our Homeowners and during the first year of home ownership, Accent Homes will contact the Homeowners and schedule the following appointments:

a) Initial Customer Care Appointment – Homeowners are contacted within 30 days of closing to schedule an appointment to review items the Homeowner may have discovered after move in.

b) Year End Customer Care Appointment – As the home approaches its Eleventh Month, Accent Homes will contact the Homeowners and schedule their Year End Customer Care Appointment. We will meet with the Homeowners and review any outstanding items they may have.

Routine Requests for Service

Homeowners are encouraged to hold any warranty issues for the (2) scheduled appointments. If the Homeowner needs service on an item where a repair is needed before the automatically scheduled warranty appointments, they can submit a request via email On receipt of the request, the Homeowner will be contacted to schedule an appointment.

Customer Care Appointments

Appointments for warranty service are available Monday – Friday between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.


If a Homeowner has an after hour or weekend emergency, please call 719-429-1963. Details of what constitutes an emergency are detailed in the Limited Warranty.