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The Accent Homes Team

Accent Homes, LLC is owned by Marvin Dornhecker and Gwen Bradbury. 

As the Builder, Marvin has been building for close to twenty-five years and has literally built his reputation from the ground up. He comes highly recommended and is sought after in his field. You'll find him down-to-earth and easy to talk to and you'll appreciate his knowledge base and experience. With over two decades of building homes and an innate sense for blueprinting that makes use of space in an aesthetically beautiful way as well as with efficiency in mind, you'll love Marvin's knowledge base and application of it on the job. He is known for solid construction and attention to detail and has an amazing crew that works with him. Add to that his long-term relationships with subcontractors, which translates into quality and efficiency for you.  Marvin notes that "we are committed to turning our customers' dreams into realities. What this means to you is the highest quality home at the most competitive price. " 

As Project Manager, Gwen makes things happen for Accent Homes. She grew up a contractor's daughter and has been involved in flipping homes and building duplexes with her husband. She has also been involved in photography, layout and design for over a decade and has won national competitions for layout/design. You'll love her sense of style, patience, attention to detail and resourcefulness. She guides families through the challenging process of designing and building a custom home while still coming out on the other end with a lasting relationship. Gwen assists homeowners with their selections and is a liaison between our customers and trade partners.  Gwen has a heart of gold and you'll feel like you have been friends for years with her welcoming, cheerful and friendly spirit. You never have to worry about reliability issues with her and she is here to partner with you until your goal of your dream home is accomplished!


The Story Behind Accent Homes


The Story Behind Accent Homes

How do you know when someone's heart is really behind their work? How do you know when they really mean what they say? How do you do know that they'll really follow through for you? Gwen and Marvin feel their life experiences have shaped them to genuinely do all of those things and more. Through the devastating loss of their spouses, both partners in Accent Homes have gained a profound appreciation for what truly matters in life. 

With a desire to build and create something new for others in a “Crafted Beyond the Ordinary” way, these two partners goal is to build and create a home where you can move in and all the quality touches are already in place. From the big things like granite/quartz counter tops and solid wood floors; to the little details such as lights in the closets and extra outlets right where you need them; to decorative and useful touches that will make you proud to call one of our homes YOUR home.  

Their in-depth understanding of the value of quality translates into a home that is truly crafted beyond the ordinary so you can focus on what matters most to you. Quality in the time you spend with your family. Quality in your home. Quality in your lifestyle. 

And truth be known, perhaps building beautiful quality homes for others, is a reflection of realizing that each day is a gift and they desire to use it purposely and wisely. That is how you know just how deeply their hearts are behind what they do. Now you know just how genuinely they mean what they say. Now you know they mean it when they say they will follow through for you.  What they've learned and grown from is where you benefit. Two hearts who truly understand the value of integrity, the value of quality, the value of family, the value of your life and how you live it.

Accent Homes ~ Crafted Beyond the Ordinary